Technical Issues

If you are experiencing audio and/or picture issues with our channel and you have a cable/satellite provider we recommend reporting this to your provider first. If the issue is still occurring after you have contacted your provider, please inform us.

For other technical issues, including over-the-air or closed caption issues, please inform us.


How can I find out if ION is available in my area?

You may enter your zipcode to check the availability of ION over-the-air or with a cable/satellite provider in the area.

Where can I learn more about Stations that carry ION?

A list of Stations and the applications filed with the FCC can be found at

Where can I purchase a copy of a program that I viewed on ION?

ION Media Networks cannot sell or provide copies of any program that airs on our network. We suggest that you go to for DVD and VHS purchases.

How can I submit a script to ION?

We are unable to accept any unsolicited scripts, programs and/or story ideas for current shows or future programming. We encourage you to obtain a list of accredited agents from the Writer's Guild of America by dialing 1-800-548-4532, or through their website at

How can I view full episodes for the programs airing on the network online?

Episodes for the programs airing on the network are not available for viewing through the network website.

Where can I locate a schedule for the morning programs?

We recommend checking your local area television listings for a schedule outside of the hours available through the website schedule.