Episode Guide

301A: Spree TV-14+V (60 min)

While Don and his team are faced with trying to capture a 30-year-old teacher (Dickens) and her 17-year-old boyfriend/student (Gallagher) who are on a violent cross-country crime spree, one of their own gets caught in the crossfire, on part one of a two-part. Lou Diamond Phillips ("La Bamba") returns as Agent Ian Edgerton. Kim Dickens ("Deadwood") and David Gallagher ("7th Heaven") guest star on this episode.

301B: Two Daughters (60 min)

The FBI faces a stand off with Crystal who refuses to let Megan go unless the FBI releases her boyfriend (David Gallagher) in exchange. During the wait, however, Megan manages to get Crystal to open up about her motive, which triggers a violent reaction and puts Megan in even more danger. Lou Diamond Phillips ("La Bamba") returns as Agent Ian Edgerton. Kim Dickens ("Deadwood") and David Gallagher ("7th Heaven") guest star.

302B: Two Daughters TV-PG+LV (60 min)

The FBI faces a stand off with Crystal who refuses to let Megan go unless the FBI releases her boyfriend (David Gallagher) in exchange. During the wait, however, Megan manages to get Crystal to open up about her motive, which triggers a violent reaction and puts Megan in even more danger. Lou Diamond Phillips ("La Bamba") returns as Agent Ian Edgerton. Kim Dickens ("Deadwood") and David Gallagher ("7th Heaven") guest star.

303: Provenance TV-PG+V (60 min)

As Charlie begins to research the history of the painting, he discovers that it was stolen by the Nazi's during the Holocaust, causing Don to refocus his approach to the case. Emmy Award winner Gena Rowlands ("A Woman Under The Influence") guest stars as Erika Hellman, a Holocaust survivor.

304: The Mole TV-PG+LV (60 min)

As Charlie's mathematical analysis reveals that the victim's death was no mere accident, Don grapples with the possibility of a leak in the Department of Justice. Meanwhile, Colby is caught trying to protect his old military buddy who has come under suspicion in the case, causing Don to question Colby's loyalty.

305: Traffic TV-PG+V (60 min)

When a father driving with his two children is gunned down on the freeway, Megan is puzzled when she can't find a specific pattern to the suspect's behavior and goes to Charlie for some insight. But as additional freeway incidents occur, Don uncovers an unlikely clue that may lead them to the killer.

306: Longshot TV-PG+V (60 min)

As Charlie digs deeper into the victim's life and discovers an elaborate gambling scheme, he realizes he has only uncovered part of the crime. Soon, he discovers a connection to a third party sending the case in a whole other direction. Aya Sumika ("The O.C.") begins her recurring role as agent Liz Warner, Don's former trainee.

307: Blackout TV-PG+LSV (60 min)

When Charlie and Larry's first mathematic analysis of the crime proves to be wrong, they take a deeper look into the blackouts and uncover important clues. Meanwhile, the sparks begin to fly between Don and his former trainee, special agent Warner.

308: Hardball TV-PG+L (60 min)

After some probing into the case, Charlie is astonished when he discovers a fantasy league player who has developed an extraordinary statistical analysis that identifies which players use steroids. This unforeseen breakthrough leads the FBI to a possible motive and potential killer.

309: Waste Not TV-PG+LV (60 min)

As the FBI tries to prove that a corrupt construction company is to blame because they have been burying containers of toxic waste under school playgrounds, they discover that the students in the school have a higher rate of cancer and neurological problems. Charlie tries to mathematically prove cause and effect between the pavement materials and the cancer clusters. Meanwhile, Millie, Charlie's new boss at Cal Sci, orders him to spend less time helping out the FBI and more time in their department.

310: Brutus TV-PG+DV (60 min)

Though the program was discontinued, Don and the FBI learn that someone is still able to make the conditioning work on former subjects and is using them to commit murder. Meanwhile, Larry announces he is taking a leave of absence from the university to travel on the next space station crew rotation.

311: Killer Chat TV-PG+DV (60 min)

Internet sexual predators become the victims when a serial killer decides to get revenge by murdering them in order to permanently stop their behavior. Meanwhile, Charlie faces one of his more complicated problems: saying goodbye to Larry who is leaving for a six month NASA space shuttle mission.

312: Nine Wives TV-PG+DV (60 min)

When a teenage girl is found almost beaten to death, Don and his team discover that she escaped from a polygamous cult headed by a fundamentalist leader who is on the run from the FBI. They discover that the girl's mother, who is also a religious zealot, "gave" her daughter to the leader. Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita try to decipher a chart that was found at the leader's last known location, hoping it will lead them to him. Teri Polo ("Meet the Parents") guest stars as Rachel Willons, an agent from the California Bureau of Investigation who has been tracking the cult leader for over a decade.

313: Finder Keepers TV-PG+L (60 min)

The FBI asks Charlie to retrace the path of a marine salvage barge because Don suspects a murder took place on board. However, Charlie is put in a difficult situation when the National Security Agency (NSA) also requests his help to find the yacht for the confidential case they are working on. Meanwhile, Liz and Don try to figure out a way to make their personal relationship work after she is permanently transferred to LA. Kathy Najimy ("Veronica's Closet") returns as Dr. Millie Finch and Aya Sumika ("The O.C.") returns as special agent Liz Warner.

314: Take Out TV-PG+LV (60 min)

During the investigation, the FBI discovers that the thieves steal the restaurant customer's credit cards so that they can run up charges at a fake Internet store and then route the money to offshore accounts. Charlie tries to pinpoint where the money is being laundered to prevent more restaurants from being hit. Meanwhile, in the wake of the Crystal Hoyle shooting, the FBI forces Don to talk to William Bradford, an occupational psychologist and FBI consultant whose specialty is trauma recovery.

315: End Of Watch TV-PG+L (60 min)

The police investigating the case believe that a former gang member-turned- activist was responsible for the police officer’s death because he was seeking revenge for the murder of his brother. However, Charlie analyzes the data on the case and discovers the location of where the victim was killed, leading the FBI to a tangled web of suspects, informants and dirty cops. Meanwhile, Don and Liz take their relationship to the next level.

316: Contenters TV-PG (60 min)

David's friend, Ben, becomes the main suspect after the FBI learns that the victim was poisoned, and another fighter who sparred with him also died in the ring while training. David and the FBI try to find evidence to clear Ben even though they believe that he might be knocking off the competition to improve his ranking in the league. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to fulfill a promise made to Larry to enter Cal Sci's poker tournament to defend Larry's title against his longtime poker nemesis. Tito Ortiz, a former light-heavy-weight Ultimate Champion Fighter, guest stars as Tino Alva, the defending champion in the all-Out Fighting League.

317: One Hour TV-PG+LV (60 min)

In Don's absence, Megan takes charge and suggests that the team search through the mogul's sordid past and long list of enemies. Later, while the suspect leads the FBI on a maze through the city of Los Angeles, Charlie races against the clock to find the piece of the puzzle that will help find the kidnapper before time runs out. Meanwhile, during his meeting with his psychiatrist, Don is surprised to discover that he has control issues.

318: Democracy TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Charlie tries to connect a series of murders to a voter fraud conspiracy and must track down who benefits the most from the rigged elections before more people die.

319: Pandora's Box TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When a small plane mysteriously crashes, Charlie tests the flight computer and uncovers the truth behind what brought the plane down.

320: Burn Rate TV-PG+LV (60 min)

While on the hunt for a serial letter bomber, Don and Charlie disagree over whether a suspected bomber, who had eluded conviction years earlier, is the person responsible for the latest murder.

321: The Art Of Reckoning TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Don believes that a death row inmate has an ulterior motive when he suddenly wants to confess the whereabouts of bodies he buried during his days as a hit man for the mob.

322: Under Pressure TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Don and his team conduct a terrorism investigation After they receive word that a deadly nerve agent stolen from A chemical supply company may be in the city's water supply.

323: Money For Nothing TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When thieves hijack a truck filled with valuable medical supplies, $50 million dollars intended for a relief effort in Zambia and two aid workers, the FBI races a second violent crew intent on getting to the goods first.

324: The Janus List TV-PG+LV (60 min)

In the wake of a deadly standoff with a mysterious, yet, brilliant bomber, Don and Charlie discover that he was poisoned to keep him from exposing a shocking secret that will change the FBI team forever.