Episode Guide

401: Firestarter TV-PG (60 min)

During a deadly fire at Rockland University, Jim is able to save a young psychology professor, Eli, who suffers a near death experience (NDE). Back at the hospital, Melinda and Jim are shocked as they watch Eli talk to a student, Fiona, who died in the fire.

402: The Big Chills TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda reconnects with some high school classmates after one of them dies mysteriously. While she didn’t really “know” any of them, Melinda “knew of” the cool kids Ryan, Lucas, Haylie and Grace, and was a little surprised when Grace contacted her after she found Lucas dead.

403: Ghost In The Machine TV-PG (60 min)

When Ned shows Melinda his online gaming community, Altworld2, Melinda discovers a ghost is haunting the game. The ghost is able to continue playing the game as his avatar, Phoenix, and is particularly fixated on a young girl, Alise. Melinda works with Eli to discover the identity of the ghost, who they initially suspect is a pedophile.

404: Save Our Souls TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda and Jim attempt to take a vacation by going on a cruise on the SS Claridon, an old ocean liner on its final voyage before being scrapped. However, once aboard Melinda notices that the newlywed couple in the stateroom next to them is haunted by a potentially dangerous ghost.

405: Bloodline TV-PG (60 min)

While playing tennis with the new girl in school, Olivia, Ned witnesses a classmate of theirs, Diana, collapse during her lesson. Diana is rushed to the hospital with Ned and Olivia in tow, but doctors fail to revive her. There by coincidence, Melinda watches as Diana's spirit emerges and briefly follows a nurse around, and is surprised when the spirit leaves the hospital with Olivia's family instead of her own.

406: Imaginary Friends And Enemies TV-PG (60 min)

Jim and Melinda attend the festivities surrounding the second marriage of Jim’s good friend Tricia, a young widow with a daughter, Natalie. The location for the wedding is Tricia’s family’s lake house, where she had spent her summers growing up. Once there, Natalie, who is still young enough to see ghosts, starts playing games with a young spirit who leads her to clues meant for Tricia.

407: Threshold TV-PG (60 min)

With Jim now dead, he struggles with the idea of leaving Melinda behind and crossing over. Determined to talk with her before doing anything, Jim is frustrated when he discovers Melinda's grief is blocking her ability to see ghosts, including him. While trying to get through to her, Jim discovers that the ghost of a sickly teenage girl is haunting Melinda, delivering signs to her that she assumes are coming from Jim.

408: Heart & Soul TV-PG (60 min)

At the hospital, Melinda stands vigil by Sam Lucas, the man whose body Jim inhabited after watching his soul cross over. While Jim's interference allowed "Sam" to survive his accident with minor injuries, neither of their memories are present in "Sam" now. Melinda is certain that given the time, Jim will regain his memories in Sam's body, allowing them to be together again.

409: Pieces Of You TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda continues trying to reconnect with Jim who has inhabited Sam’s body. She fears she may have gotten him haunted after he makes a wish at a wishing well, which is answered by a creepy young female ghost. Unsure how the ghost died in the well, or why she was answering people wishes, Melinda and Eli begin their sleuthing, initially working under the assumption that the girl, Gretchen, was murdered, possibly by her own brother.

410: Ball And Chain TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda encounters the ghost of a bipolar woman, Tammy, who it's assumed had run out on her husband, Roger, and who had been missing for two years. Melinda and Eli work under the theory that Tammy's mental condition had contributed to her rash decision to leave Roger, and after help from a vision they find Tammy's dead body in her car, where it appears that she committed suicide.

411: Life On The Line TV-PG (60 min)

Still moonlighting as a realtor, Delia tries to sell a large estate that belonged to a family broken apart after the horrific death of their youngest son in a riding lawn mower accident. The father of the family, Doug, had been riding with Josh when the mower flipped, cutting Josh so badly that he died on the scene.

412: This Joint's Haunted TV-PG (60 min)

Still trying to help Sam regain his memories as Jim, Melinda takes a road trip with him as he looks for his ex-girlfriend Nikki, who had left him for not being committed enough to their relationship. Melinda tries to jog his memory every chance she gets by doing things with him that she and Jim used to do, as Sam does everything he can to track down Nikki.

413: Body Of Water TV-PG (60 min)

When dozens of dead and decomposing bodies are discovered in a local lake, Melinda must help discover how they got there and who they are. As she digs in to the case she discovers that an unscrupulous mortician, Carl Sessick, had told his clients he was cremating the remains of their loved ones, but instead had disposed of them in the lake after his mortuary business had become unprofitable.

414: Slow Burn TV-PG (60 min)

While helping Delia chaperone a high school dance, Melinda encounters a ghost, Deborah Marks, who seems desperate to keep her teenage daughter, Kristy, away from her twenty year old friend, Tim.

415: Greek Tragedy TV-PG (60 min)

A sorority pledge at Rockland U. goes missing in the woods during an initiation ritual, and Melinda thinks it may be too late to find her when she catches sight of a ghost wearing the same outfit as the missing girl, Courtney. As the town unites to try and find Courtney, Eli and Melinda try to get the ghost to confirm her identity and to open up about what happened when she got lost, but all they learn from her is that she is furious with her sorority sisters.

416: Ghost Busted TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda decides its time to come clean with Sam about her gift, but as she starts to breach the topic she and Sam notice the neighbors have hired a ghost hunter, Linus, to find out if they have a spirit in their house. Sam makes it very clear that he doesn’t believe in ghosts, and Melinda decides to wait to talk to him until after Linus has gone on his way. Melinda asks Eli to check in on Linus, to find out if there actually is a ghost in the house, and if so, to help it cross over so Linus will leave.

417: Delusions Of Grandview TV-PG (60 min)

After admitting to Sam that she can see ghosts, Melinda sets out to eliminate his skepticism by having him tag along on one of her cases. Unfortunately, the first ghost she encounters is a complicated and potentially dangerous one, Greer, who is attached to the school building that Sam is renovating. The building is actually an old psychiatric hospital, and Greer had died there after undergoing experimental electro-shock therapy procedures back in the 1950s.

418: Leap Of Faith TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda discovers an intruder in the basement of her shop, but before she can find out much about him he runs out through the tunnels. She then has another encounter with Dr. Byrd (ep. 417), who tells her that he led the intruder, Ben, to her because he and Sam share the same condition. He then explains that Ben, much like Sam, had not been able to reconcile his past life with his new life and that it was slowly driving him insane. He tells Melinda that if she can help Ben resolve his issues, she will be able to help Sam with his.

419: Thrilled To Death TV-PG (60 min)

A haunting in Eli's apartment building prompts him to confess his abilities to his afflicted neighbor, Morgan. Eli and Melinda then work with Morgan to try and find the root of the haunting, but are confused when they discover that she lied to them when she said she didn’t know anyone who had recently died. It turns out that Morgan had become very close with a terminal cancer patient, Rick, who had recently died during a freak skydiving accident.

420: Stage Fright TV-PG (60 min)

When the popular soap-opera “Hope’s Edge” comes to Grandview to film an episode, Melinda must deal with a disruptive ghost who is haunting the production. The creator and head writer of the soap, Cally, had gone to school at Rockland U, as had the actor who played the male lead, Grant. Melinda discovers that the ghost, Miles, had also gone to Rockland U, and had been in a popular play with Grant that Cally had written.

421: Cursed TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda befriends a young girl with a haunted dollhouse, and discovers that the ghosts who inhabit it may be dangerous. After visiting with the girl, Drew, her mother, Lucy, and her teenage cousin, Emma, Melinda discovers that the doll house is an exact replica of the house where Emma grew up, and where her Mother, Father and brothers died in a freak accident. Judging by the clues, Melinda’s first believes that Emma’s family wanted to live on in the replica of their house, and that they wanted Emma to join them there by whatever means necessary.

422: Endless Love TV-PG (60 min)

When Ned holds a study group at Melinda’s house, Melinda notices one of his classmates, Serena, is being haunted. Later that night Serena goes missing and Melinda helps her mother, Karen, and Delia search for her, and they eventually find her sleepwalking around Grandview. Melinda then works with Ned, Eli and Karen to discover who is haunting Serena, and learns that Serena is obsessed with vampires and thinks one is courting her.

423: The Book Of Changes TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda begins getting ominous messages from Carl the watcher ghost, and fears that his warnings are related to her unborn child. One particular comment that worries Melinda is "your future is in her hands," which leads her to believe that she will be having a baby girl. However, Melinda eventually learns that the reference was to Zoe, a friend of Eli’s and fellow professor at Rockland U., whose area of expertise is supernatural myths and legends.