Episode Guide

301: The Underneath TV-PG (60 min)

A ghost from underground blames Melinda for a death she had nothing to do with, and a blogger begins sniffing around her and Professor Payne.

302: Don't Try This At Home TV-PG (60 min)

The Bloody Mary urban legend is revived at the university when a girl goes into a coma, and Melinda must determine if there's truth to the tale or a ghost is involved.

303: Haunted Hero TV-PG (60 min)

A veteran comes home haunted by his unit, and Melinda has trouble connecting with them.

304: No Safe Place TV-PG (60 min)

While investigating a ghost who's stalking an up and coming lawyer, Melinda gets a stalker of her own.

305: Weight Of What Was TV-PG (60 min)

Gabriel returns with pieces of Melinda's past that lead her to discover a deeply buried secret of the town.

306: Double Exposure TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda helps a professor whose actions are why she's being haunted, and Jim considers a new career.

307: Unhappy Medium TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda goes head to head with a so-called sensitive she's sure is a fake, but has to work with him when the ghost she's seeing leads her to the family he's conning.

308: Bad Blood TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda tries to protect a father and daughter from ghosts who are controlling them, and Delia voices her doubts when things hit a little close to home.

309: All Ghosts Lead To Grandview TV-PG (60 min)

Jim and Melinda try help a runaway who is being haunted by a ghost who won't leave, but first she has to come to terms with her gift.

310: Holiday Spirit TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda deals with a ghost who thinks he's Santa Claus, and his motives may not be pure.

311: Slam TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda has to gain the trust of Ned's classmate to solve the mystery of her brother's death and why he's committing mayhem at the high school, and Justin returns with threats to expose Melinda if she doesn't answer his questions.

312: First Do No Harm TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda believes Jim is being haunted by the ghost of a man he tried to save, and all Jim wants to do is somehow communicate his remorse. But Melinda's protectiveness causes conflict between them, and may mask what's really happening.

313: Home But Not Alone TV-PG (60 min)

Ned asks Melinda's help when he's injured by what appears to be a ghost haunting his new girlfriend, but as Melinda struggles to solve the mystery of who the ghost is she runs into interference from the girlfriend's family.

314: The Gravesitter TV-PG (60 min)

Justin Yates is back, and tormenting Melinda, but as she researches more of his life she finds a mystery that may save him.

315: Horror Show TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda is caught up in an investigation that turns a little horror flick when Prof. Payne asks her to help a student whose father mentored him.

316: Deadbeat Dads TV-PG (60 min)

An old acquaintance of Rick Payne's comes to town with a familial bombshell, and as Melinda helps him deal with the resentful ghost of his wife she's forced to confront her feelings about having children.

317: Strangehold TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda finally reunites with her father, Tom Gordon, after a long search and under suspicious circumstances. While searching for him she discovered he was a prosecutor in Grandview before he disappeared, and a spirit led her to a case he had prosecuted that involved the murder of a young boy, Michael.

318: Pater Familias TV-PG (60 min)

Continued from the previous episode, Melinda bursts in to Tom Gordon’s hotel room, where it appears that he has attempted to take his own life. Tom is rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but survives. Melinda, still working under the assumption that Paul Eastman is seeking revenge for being wrongly convicted of murder, figures that Tom had been possessed by Paul during the suicide attempt.