Episode Guide

401: Personal Effects TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Continuing where 313 leaves off, as Ed is shot multiple times on the street by an unknown killer. He is raced to the hospital just as his estranged wife is in labor and having problems delivering their new baby there too. He is able to sit with Sophie as she is rushed into an emergency C section. The team is hunting for the gunman that shot Ed. They trace him to a drug kingpin who has used him as a way to ship opium in from Afghanistan. His wife finally gives the Team his whereabouts, and he is taken down. Baby Girl Lane is delivered safely, with Ed and son Clark present.

402: Good Cop TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When a cop who mistakenly shot and killed a young black student, is declared innocent, a deeply divided Team One must confront a rioting crowd, a trained bloc of anarchists, and a father whose dreams died the night he lost his son. Crumbling to the pressure of riots and the media, the controversial cop’s wife leaves him. The angry father lures the cop to the scene of his son’s murder, and at gunpoint, the cop reveals what really happened the night of the boy’s death. Jules goes under cover, and is arrested in the riot.

403: Run, Jamie, Run TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Team One goes up against a notorious serial robber with a huge following of social network Fans. They soon discover there’s more to this dangerous man’s mission than meets the eye. Clues indicate he seems to be avenging sordid parental abuse on a teenage daughter, with whom Jamie is conducting an internet romance. But a dangerous confrontation occurs when Jamie learns the man only has a son, no daughter.

404: Through The Glass Darkly TV-14+V (60 min)

A car-jacking and high speed chase leads SRU to a bizarre abduction, a broken family, and a deadly standoff. When kidnappers abduct a daughter, leads suggest involvement from an estranged grandmother, visiting from Florida. Then the mother is abducted. Under scrutiny, the generational relationship breach was caused by an employee of the grandmother, who nefariously intercepted correspondence, then committed the kidnappings to extort the grandmother’s wealth.

405: Better Man TV-14+V (60 min)

A city-wide drug bust and secrets that could compromise the call – one ends Wordy’s stint on Team One. Ed breaks into Wordy’s locker and finds Parkinson's medication. Parker surprises Ed by admitting Wordy had confided his ailment in him. A debate ensues about secrets, which extends to Jules and Sam, and later to Det, Sgt. Warren Naismith. Latter’s secret is he has a thing for a drug pin’s girlfriend. Thinking he’s her “better man,” Naismith puts Team One in a compromised position during a shoot out.

406: Day In The Life TV-14+V (60 min)

Through the eyes of a new recruit Raf,, we learn what it takes to be a member of Team One on one of the toughest days of the year, Valentine's Day. There’s a jumper on the bridge, mourning the death of his wife three years ago; an asthmatic hostage in the back room of a cocktail lounge; there’s a shooter in a software company, seeking attention from his unrequited crush (Marina).

407: Shockwave TV-PG+V (60 min)

In this adrenaline-surging episode, torn from his dying father’s bedside, Spike joins Team One to face his toughest bomb call yet: the only way to defuse the device is to get inside the brilliant, but dangerous mind of its maker, a severed employee from the corporation headquartered there. Trapped with the bomber in an office basement footsteps away from the ticking device, Spike realizes neither he nor his dad may see tomorrow.

408: The War Within TV-14+V (60 min)

Caught on video kissing an out-of-the closet boy (Ty) in the school auditorium, Ryan resorts to “straight” therapy from an angry coach. But when the video goes viral, his humiliation causes him to grab his grandpa’s antique gun to teach a lesson to the bully who spread the video. Ryan renounces the kiss to Ty, then finds suicidal urges when coming to grip later with his true predilection. Ryan and Ty and the bully are all schoolmates of Ed’s son Clark, whom Ed inadvertently chases through the woods thinking that it’s Ryan.

409: Cost Of Doing Business TV-PG+V (60 min)

When a ransom drop goes wrong, Team One is drawn into the dangerous world of international ‘express kidnapping’ – being held at bay by a professional security expert, and learning nightmare of a woman haunted by the brutal experience of captivity. When the latter was kidnapped, her employer had dithered over meeting the routine ransom demand. The laborer suffered significant abuse as a hostage. Now she and her brother kidnap the company’s CEO, and matters turn worse when he doesn’t recall her or her suffering ordeal.

410: Wild Card TV-14 (60 min)

An armed robbery exposes a mother’s double life, while Ed gambles with his own safety and a promise he made his family. Addicted to playing the markets and gambling, a stock trader and her male friend Dan get into debt to Dan’s casino boss. Faced with meeting his deadline for payback of the loan, Robyn drains her family bank accounts, including her daughter’s education trust fund. Drawn to the bank by a suspicious teller, the SRU, on Robyn’s mislead, subdue the wrong man, not the menacing Dan. All suspicion turns to Robyn’s out-of-work husband, who ends up being kidnapped with their daughter. Ed and Sam quarrel on procedure. But Ed dons civilian garb to find Robyn and Dan in the illegal casino before things get uglier. Dan confesses his love for the married Robyn, who sensed his ardor, but used it to her advantage.

411: A New Life TV-PG+V (60 min)

As Ed walks her up the aisle, Donna’s wedding is violently interrupted by a vengeful family seeking to do harm to everyone close to her. She is shocked to learn that her former mentor, in an alcoholic haze, revealed the identity of the cops who brought old man Logan to justice, and sent him to prison. When Logan dies of stomach cancer, his widow starts a chain reaction campaign to kill people from her husband’s captor’s families. That list includes Donna’s fiancé, who is shot twice at close range by her ex-mentor “in the name of protecting Donna”. The episode ends with him expected to survive.

412: Grounded TV-14+V (60 min)

Hijackers commandeer a passenger jet to bargain for a prisoner release. The lives of forty passengers and crew hang in the balance of negotiations over the prisoner, a relative of the terrorists. An ambitious passenger irks the hijackers, when she starts to text the police. Team One eventually storms the jet at the city airport. Stressed, Parker agonizes over shooting the hijackers.

413: A Call To Arms TV-14 (60 min)

Fed up with extortion, a Chinatown merchant sets out to foil the gang to whom her father pays protection money. In turn, the street gang helps expose a horrible secret that her dad had kept from her about the death of her mother: To collect insurance to pay the extortion, the father torched their home, inadvertently killing his wife. The daughter leads other merchants to combat the gang, thinking that they, not her father, had killed her mother.

414: Team Player TV-PG+V (60 min)

With his nurse’s help, a one-time star athlete escapes a mental institution, and sets out to see that others involved with him in an old caper, see justice. It seems he took the fall for the conspiracy of others, but didn’t realize that his incarceration would endure so long, and felt “used.”

415: Day Game TV-PG+V (60 min)

A former recruit, twice passed over by Parker, enables a burglary at a hockey stadium where he runs security. That Parker doesn’t recognize him at first antagonizes the villain, whose wife and child have left him. On scaffolding high above the ice, he holds Parker hostage in order to win his attention and affirmation. Early in the story, Raf is humiliated and angered by Parker in drills. Later, the team’s newest member realizes that the slightest miscue can put a teammate in jeopardy, as he witness how close Parker comes to death today.

416: Blue On Blue TV-14+V (60 min)

When Sam’s sister Natalie is threatened by her drug-running ex-boyfriend, Natalie turns to Spike for help. Without telling Sam, Spike steps up to protect her – and winds up in a trap that will force him to recover stolen heroin from a highly secure evidence depot. At the same time, he must square off against an even more dangerous foe: his own team. Putting the many losses (Lou, Oliver and his father), he has sustained recently, Spike deftly wins the confidence of the villains as he jams security frequencies, while simultaneously signaling the SRU where to rescue Natalie and himself.

417: Priority Of Life TV-PG+V (60 min)

Carelessly cooing in compromising radio conversations between one another, Sam & Jules are blithely unaware that Dr. Toth has been monitoring. The same day, Parker is suspended by Dr. Toth while Team One responds to a bio-terror call at a highly classified laboratory... where Jules and Sam are forced to make a harrowing Priority of Life decision: save a civilian, or Jules, from exposure to the bio-hazard virus. Sam chooses the civilian, but Jules emerges uninfected. Parker and Ed defend Jules and Sam. They maintain the priority choice Sam made today indicates they are the “exception to the rule.”

418: Slow Burn TV-PG+LV (60 min)

As Toth demands Parker's resignation, a serial arsonist wreaks havoc, sparking a career fireman's misguided campaign to mercy-kill his colleagues. Can Parker diffuse all these crises? Or will he surrender to pressures, and step down as SRU sergeant?