Episode Guide

301: One Wrong Move TV-14+V (60 min)

A series of bombs are set through the city. Against a ticking clock SRU has to find them, dismantle them and evacuate the premises. The bombs are set by eco-terrorists. Their intention is to scare the public into doing what they want but not hurt anyone. The final bomb is at a University. Louis goes in to dismantle the bomb under Spike's guidance, but as he gets closer to the bomb, he steps on a landmine. Our team works furiously to try to dismantle the land mine, but there is no way. In a terribly sad turn of events, after telling his parents that he loves them, Lou is forced to sacrifice his life for the team and the lives of the University students.

302: Never Let You Down TV-PG+V (60 min)

As the team mourns Lou, and we meet Leah Kearns, a dangerous stalker kidnaps a woman, whom he believes to be his own daughter. Nevertheless, he threatens to kill her if she does not go along with his plans. The stalker also kidnaps and injures her fiancé. Our team investigates the news station where the young woman works.

303: The Farm TV-14+V (60 min)

In this episode SRU is brought in to diffuse the possible mass killing at a hidden cult. The action kicks off when a woman holds up a convenience store. She is clearly desperate, and they trace her identity to a young woman that went missing fifteen years prior. It turns out she was taken in by this charismatic young cult leader, and now has a son with him. She is desperate to get her son out because she knows her cancer-doomed husband is planning to take everyone out by the end of the day. The team works furiously against the clock to figure a way into the compound without compromising themselves.

304: Custody TV-PG+V (60 min)

A brutal custody battle between an estranged husband and wife turns deadly when a woman kidnaps her two young children and makes a break for the border. In a tricky reveal in the teaser of the episode, we think that the husband has lost custody of the kids, and as he holds a lawyer at gunpoint, we learn that he actually won custody of the kids, but they have been taken by his ex wife. Her plan is to get them out of the country. She manages to lie to everyone, and nearly gets away with the kids, until SRU sweeps in and takes control.

305: Coming To You Live TV-PG+V (60 min)

A controversial talk show host seeks revenge on a politician whose career is taking off. The host invites the office-seeker onto his show as a guest, and slowly reveals that he believes the candidate committed a murder ten years ago. The politician denies any wrong doing, and is terrified when the talk show host pulls a gun on him, and holds him hostage. Listening to the program live in the van, the SRU snaps into action to rescue the politician, by tracking down the remote, pirate radio station that they are transmitting from, and talking the talk show host out of killing this man. In a sad twist, we find out that the young man that was killed ten years ago in the car crash was the long lost son of the grieving talk show host.

306: Just A Man TV-14+V (60 min)

A prison inmate is up for parole for the third time, and for the third time the family of the man he murdered years ago shows up to make sure he will never get out. Shortly after the parole hearing, a riot breaks out in the high security prison. There is an internal gang war sparking the combustion, and the civilians are caught in the crossfire. A young woman and her very fragile mother are taken hostage by the very man that killed their loving father and husband. What they do not know is that he is really protecting them as part of tactical attempt to redeem himself.

307: Behind The Blue Line TV-14+V (60 min)

One of the great landmarks of the city is about to be torn down and turned into condos. A sniper shooting takes place in the arena and the SRU is called in. It turns out that the shooter is an ex-military war veteran and is a trained marksman. Sam connects with the young veteran by talking to him about his own tour of duty in afghanistan, and what that does to any soldier’s psyche. Everyone thinks Sam is making headway with the young man, but he tricks our group into believing he is giving himself up.

308: Unconditional Love TV-PG+LV (60 min)

A young man appears to be the victim of a crime, and is thought to be taken hostage. The SRU team is brought in to find him after his captor carjacks a woman, whose baby is also in the car. They hide out in a hotel room while SRU tries to figure out how to burst into the room without hurting the baby. Jules investigates the boy's life, and finds that he is a deeply disturbed psychopath who has no empathy for other human beings. He is actually acting as if he was kidnapped, but quoting famous serial killers, he is planning his first kill.

309: The Good Citizen TV-PG+V (60 min)

The SRU are in search of a man who stopped two local drug dealers from vandalizing a local restaurant only to take their gun and hunt down them and other local drug dealers who he believes burnt down his family store and are the reason for his younger brother’s death from an overdose. The mission is to track him down before he crosses the line between “good citizen” to vigilante killer. When Sam jumps off a command truck, it’s unclear whether he has been felled by gunfire.

310: You Think You Know Someone TV-PG+V (60 min)

In a bad neighborhood, Parker is taken hostage by a group of meth dealers. What he does not know is that the leader of the gang is seeking revenge for the girl he loves. Haley, a young girl who was saved by Parker from a drug den when she was just a child, reaches out to him via text message, asking him to meet her. But we soon find out that it was not her that sent the text. Instead, it was her ex-boyfriend, the leader of the meth dealer ring. His plan is to kill Parker in front of Haley because he believes that Parker actually killed Haley's mother.

311: Severed Ties TV-PG+L (60 min)

Multiple child abductions lead the team to a distraught mother who will stop at nothing to put her family back together. The story opens with a young girl being kidnapped from a playground at a park. SRU is called in, and shortly thereafter, another kid, an older boy, is also abducted by the same person. They quickly figure out that this is woman who has kidnapped the two children. This woman is actually their birth mother, who has been in prison for all of their lives. She was told by the parole board that if she pulled herself together once she was out of prison, and she got clean and got a job, she would have a chance to get her kids back. She was so focused on this goal for so many years. When she finally did get out of jail, promises kept, she was told that she would never get her children back. The mother snaps, and takes them on her own. The team works to talk her down, and see reason.

312: Follow The Leader TV-14+DV (60 min)

Two brothers get caught up in a white supremacy group that is planning a terrorist attack on the city. Danny and his younger brother have been involved in a white hate group. Danny has started rethinking the group and the ideology. Furthermore, he has met a woman who is helping him to evolve in terms of his thinking. But unfortunately his brother Trent has become fully indoctrinated. At a meeting at the compound, Danny realizes that they are actually planning an attack on the city. He informs the police, and SRU is on the case. Once SRU breaks onto the compound, Trent and Danny are pulled into a full on fire fight. The fight leads us to a series of backpacks that are headed into the city to hit an immigration swearing in ceremony.

313: Whatever It Takes TV-PG+V (60 min)

A gang style beating of a star basketball player sends the SRU in all directions trying to get to the bottom of it. Matters escalate, when the young man threatens to jump from the top of the school roof. Parker gingerly tries to talk him down, while Jules and the team figure out that the basketball coach was hazing these kids relentlessly, and turning them on each other. The level of abuse was driving the kids to near madness. Luckily, Parker is able to talk the boy down, the coach is arrested, and the rest of the school faculty is held accountable for turning a blind eye.

314: The Other Lane TV-14+V (60 min)

When our team is called in to investigate gunshots in a fancy neighborhood, they are confronted with a group of dangerous gun-runners, as well as Ed’s brother, Roy Lane. Suspended from the force after the death of his partner, Roy has taken the law into his own hands in order to infiltrate the gang to avenge his partner's death. To make matters worse, Sophie and Clark announce they are moving out of Ed's home.

315: Jumping At Shadows TV-14+V (60 min)

When a young girl is part of a witness protection program that is not able to really protect her or her family, the young girl reaches out to a 911 operator to be her confidant. When the situation turns violent, SRU is brought in to help. The young girl witnessed a murder several years ago, and her mother, father and she have been on the run ever since then. When the murderers come to her house, and shoot her mother, she is on the phone with Kate, the 911 operator. But then they cannot find the girl and her father, who are both very skilled at being on the run. In the end our heroes find the killers, and the mother survives.[Parker’s son Dean shows up at work]."

316: Acceptable Risk TV-14+V (60 min)

In the wake of a shooting spree, SRU’s actions and judgments are put under a microscope. In an all flashback episode, we learn about how SRU took down a spree shooter at a gallery. An outside entity comes in to question the group one by one. She is focusing on Parker, as they have a shared past. Her partner was killed in a similar spree shooting and she never got over it. She has had it out for Parker ever since but it turns out that Parker was not at all to blame. In the mean time, the shooter at the gallery is targeting workers at a pharmaceutical company that gave her husband a bad drug which killed him and is seeking revenge for his death.

317: Collateral Damage TV-PG+V (60 min)

In a case of mistaken diagnosis, an innocent man is wrongfully charged with killing his own baby. The show starts with this man going off to prison. He is lucky enough to be part of a prison van break. He takes off, and heads right back to his wife to plead with her to help prove his innocence. She believes him, and stands by him. SRU is called in when he holds the medical examiner who declared him the murderer hostage at the morgue. Ed gets in the middle of the hostage situation, and tried to talk this man out of taking his own life when it seems that all is lost. After SRU successfully gets him to lay down his weapon and surrender, evidence pops up that shows that the medical examiner was jumping to conclusions. The baby actually had meningitis which is what took her life.

318: Thicker Than Blood TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When a young couple's eleven year old son is near death due to his Leukemia, they take desperate measures to save his life by holding up a bank to get the money for a bone marrow transplant. The young couple has tried to get the real father of the boy to donate his blood for the boy -- but he refuses, because he has his own family. The young couple then thinks that if they find money to pay this man, he will relent. But when that doesn't work either, they end up taking him hostage.[Jules tries to comfort Ed as he stares of pictures of his estranged family, including the sonogram of a child to come].

319: No Promises TV-14+V (60 min)

When gunmen hold Team One at bay from a bus crash, Spike learns his Mentor Oliver may be connected. In a game of cat and mouse, SRU tracks a team of criminals who are working with Oliver. Parker and the team believe that this rogue cop is part of the bus crash caper, but Spike insists that he must be involved for other reasons. The team gets called in to assist at the crash site when shooting breaks out. They investigate, and track the bus driver back to a drug ring. Spike's old mentor turns out to be protecting his family.

320: Terror TV-14+V (60 min)

While on a date, Jules and paramedic Steve discover a hostage situation in progress at a neighborhood restaurant. SRU is called in, and work to take down the gunman as Jules and Steve remain inside the restaurant trying to diffuse the situation. They discover the shooter (Davis) is a paranoid schizophrenic and believes a terrorist owns the restaurant. Originally thinking he was acting on his own, the team eventually discovers that it is Davis’ social worker who has brainwashed him into killing the alleged terrorists. Steve is shot in the melee. Jules and the wounded Steve, who have known each other since college, break up at the hospital.[Steve also appears in episodes 303 and 304].

321: I'd Do Anything TV-14+SV (60 min)

Team One is called in to raid a nightclub in order to take down a crime boss and his organization. During the raid, things go wrong and the bad guy (Carson) gets away and takes his girlfriend (Jackie) with him. Jackie is also SRU’s criminal informant, so the team must find the two of them before Carson discovers what Jackie has done and kills her even though he is clearly in love with her.

322: Fault Lines TV-14+V (60 min)

It’s time for the team’s yearly review, both physically & mentally they will be put to the test. Things take an unexpected turn when an outsider, Dr.Toth (Victor Garber), is brought in to do the psych testing. Fearing one of them will be let go from the team, our guys start to turn on each other and secrets are revealed. And just when the day couldn’t get any stranger, Sophie goes into labor and Ed is shot on the way to the hospital. Continued in 401.