Episode Guide

201: Eagle Two TV-PG+V (60 min)

A husband and wife are held hostage inside a grand hotel. The husband is being targeted for the terrible things he had once allowed to happen in a Chilean copper mine. SRU has been put on duty as bodyguards but Jules fails in guarding the wife. Because each of their families feels they suffered for the industrialist’s decisions, the terrorists fasten a necklace bomb to his wife's neck. Without adequate protection to safeguard himself or the victim against an explosion, Spike must carefully dismantle the bomb.

202: Backwards Day TV-PG+V (60 min)

A couple has been trying to get pregnant for 8 long years and their lack of success has taken its toll on their marriage. Based on circumstantial cell phone evidence, the wife now suspects the husband is having an affair with an attractive lady reporter. She kidnaps the reporter and holds her hostage at knifepoint. SRU is called in to defuse the situation.

203: Haunting The Barn TV-PG+V (60 min)

Haunted by ghosts of those he previously killed, a SRU veteran turns up at headquarters and holes himself up in a safe room where he intends to commit suicide. He diverts the team with a false bomb threat with an ominous suitcase, and gets them to abandon the station. Ed gets wind of the suicide attempt. Having trained under this veteran for many years, Ed, eyes flooding with tears, is able to talk his former mentor down and out of the room.

204: Between Heartbeats TV-14+V (60 min)

A past mission comes back to haunt Ed when he realizes the sniper that has taken over City Hall is the son of a gunman he killed on a mission several years before. The team tries to stay a step ahead of the gunman who, during the Croatian civil war, became an expert sniper before the age of 16. With revenge on his mind, it becomes clear that Ed is the sniper's target. Sam and Jules struggle with telling the team about their relationship. Amid the fray, Jules is shot by the sniper.

205: Business As Usual TV-PG+LV (60 min)

The SRU team is called to the business district in order to diffuse the situation of three hard working men who, having lost everything in a mortgage scheme, take the CEO of the mortgage company hostage to force a televised “confession”. Not only do the troika threaten to execute the CEO, one of them wants to turn himself into a human torch and burn down a media center as well. With Jules in recovery from being shot in ep. 113, the team reluctantly looks at recruits to replace her. They become impressed by the skills of a female recruit, Donna Sabine. But Parker shows apprehensions, before accepting her.

206: The Fortress TV-PG+V (60 min)

When an upper-class household is rocked by what appears to be a home invasion robbery gone bad, the SRU team is called in to save the parents and their two children; Parker and the team soon discover that the family's nanny, Irina, was compliant in the robbery, and the lead hostage-taker turns out to be Irina’s boyfriend. When Irina realizes her boyfriend’s true intentions, for the sake of the children, she begins cooperating with the SRU team, while simultaneously appearing loyal to her lover. The father is killed by gunfire.

207: Clean Hands TV-14+LV (60 min)

The SRU team is assigned the task of transporting and protecting an infamous serial killer. The grief-stricken father of one of the killer's victims, Walter, finds out that the killer is being extradited back to the U.S for a mental evaluation. His family falling apart, Walter decides to go after the killer and make him pay for his crimes.

208: Aisle 13 TV-PG+V (60 min)

The SRU team is called in when two teenage boys, Donnie and Adam, attempt to rob a local food store. The boys are best friends who are desperate not to be separated after Adam finds out that his family is moving away, because their business is failing; Donnie believes if they can get the money to help the family business, then Adam's family will remain in town. Unfortunately, their escape plan goes awry and they take several hostages, barricading themselves in the store. Parker and the team try to piece together why these young boys would resort to actions so extreme.

209: The Perfect Family TV-14+V (60 min)

A young couple kidnaps back their own baby a month after the young mother gave the child up for adoption. The unstable bio-dad has just reentered the mother's life, and convinced her that she needs to get the baby back at all costs, so they can become "the perfect family". The couple unexpectedly shows up at the adoptive parents’ door. The adoptive father becomes annoyed. The biological father soon becomes violent with the adoptive one. Then the couple kidnaps the baby and flees in the victim's vehicle. The SRU team is called in to track down the “perfect family”, and stop the unstable father from harming the baby, his wife or himself.

210: Remote Control TV-14+V (60 min)

A computer engineer working at a bank is talked into robbing the bank electronically for his low life brother. What he does not know is that his young, pregnant wife has been taken hostage by a brutal gang - and they are threatening to kill her and the unborn baby on camera, if he does not transfer a half a million dollars into their account. Our team intervenes - and saves the expectant wife, while successfully stopping the robbery.

211: Perfect Storm TV-14+V (60 min)

A school shooting brings our team into a volatile situation where a young man was taunted and horribly bullied. He shows up on campus with his deadbeat dad’s gun to exact some justice. He is basically an innocent kid with no support at home. Parker and the team talk him off the ledge.

212: Last Dance TV-PG+V (60 min)

A young, very much in love couple, goes on a crime spree for no apparent reason. At first our team thinks that there is a drug tie in -- but they soon learn that the young woman is dying of a horrible brain disease that will take her life in a matter of days. Her fiancé has promised her one last perfect night together – capped with an humane, lethal injection of morphine. What she does not know is that her fiancé is planning on killing himself as well. They end up at the Old Mill, where they are to have their “last dance”.

213: Exit Wounds TV-PG+V (60 min)

When a young gang member is shot - his older brother, who had left gang life, sneaks him into the hospital where he works to try to patch him up. The rival gangbangers follow the siblings to the hospital, where a shoot-out ensues. SRU is called into diffuse the situation. They stealthily take over the hospital, and rescue the young shooting victim. Ironically, convinced he had to take out the rival gang members to protect his sibling, the reformed older brother, is taken out by Team One.