Episode Guide

101: Scorpio TV-14+V (60 min)

Bitter that his wife has left him, husband shoots her, then holds another woman hostage in a main square down town. The highly trained, elite Team One of negotiators and snipers descends on the action. Our lead, Ed Lane, is forced to take out the target, before he kills the hostage. When Ed meets the surviving son of his target, the police officer is stricken with grief and remorse.

102: First In Line TV-PG+V (60 min)

A desperate father, played by Henry Czerny, holds an entire hospital staff hostage in order to get the heart transplant that his daughter is entitled to so that she will not die. Our team, lead by Parker's negotiations, finds initial success in convincing the man to calm down. But in the end, his desperation gets the best of him, and the father has to be ambushed by our team. He goes to prison, but Ed reveals to him in jail that his daughter does get the long awaited heart transplant.

103: Element Of Surprise TV-PG+DLV (60 min)

Desperate to reconnect with his family and make good on his debts, a former drug addict- now clean and sober for eighteen months- makes a visit to a dealer who owes him money. What he doesn't know is that he's putting his life and others at risk, because the dealer happens to be the target of a SRU takedown.

104: Asking For Flowers TV-14+LV (60 min)

When a cop is taken hostage on his boat, the SRU pulls out all the stops to rescue their brother in arms. But their sympathies shift when they realize the cop is a viciously abusive husband, and that the woman holding the gun is his battered wife's older sister. Wordy connects with the conflict, as he reveals he helped his wife out of an abusive situation with her former husband.

105: Who's George TV-PG+V (60 min)

It's a race with the clock as the team must save hostages from a ruthless bank robber, only to discover that he is not whom he appears, and that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants (enough money from the bank that sacked him to get his wife the care she needs) even if it means forcing the team to kill him.

106: Attention Shoppers TV-PG+DV (60 min)

A shopping mall is under fire when a gang of girls bully a young girl in the ladies room. They have guns, and all hell breaks loose. Our desperate young girl gets away after shooting one of the gang girls in self-defense. Jules, is able to talk the girl off the ledge - literally. In the end they save her life, and are able to arrest the gang girls.

107: He Knows His Brother TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Military academy dropout sneaks through his kid brother Simon’s bedroom window, asking in vain if they could both to go to Yukon together. Simon has just been admitted to and is looking forward to attending Yale University. At the dinner table, their abusive dad severely taunts the elder son about his school expulsion, until the cadet draws a pistol and shoots dad in the arm. His mostly ambivalent mother calls the police, but when the SRU arrives, Simon tries to cover for the runaway. When the Simon starts trusting Sam, insight about both boys' dark past help explain startling plot twists.

108: Never Kissed A Girl TV-PG+DV (60 min)

In this episode a young man Michael has been wrongly convicted of killing a girl. He has spent the last ten years in prison - and only wants to clear his name. He ends up holding a courthouse hostage - and inside the courtroom is Ed. It turns out the prosecuting attorney originally hid crucial evidence. Michael poignantly confesses to Ed that he’s never kissed a girl.

109: Planets Aligned TV-14+V (60 min)

Two young girls are being held hostage in a nondescript but booby-trapped house in a surbuban neighborhood. One of the girls is 16 years old, and has been held captive there for 8 years. After the man brings home the younger girl Penny to add to his collection, he is spotted in a gas station with the missing girl. SRU is called in, and Jules’s negotiation skills are put to the test to save the day. But Penny becomes affected with Stockholm syndrome, believes her captor, and opens fire on Jules, Sam & Spike. Jules admits she is uncomfortable with situations where there are no right or wrong answers.