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Episode 616, "Cause And Effect" Tue, Aug 5, 1|12c AM

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Tue, Aug 5, 1|12c AM

SEASON 6, EPISODE 616 - After Charlie and Amita get married and begin preparations for their London adventure, they put a slight hold on their wedded bliss when they assist the team in helping Don track down the whereabouts of his gun after it goes missing.


Tue, Aug 5, 2|1c AM

SEASON 1, EPISODE 101 - A dedicated FBI agent, Don Eppes (Morrow) couldnt be more different from his younger brother, Charlie Eppes (Krumholtz), a brilliant mathematician who yearns to impress his older brother. The two brothers take on the most confounding criminal cases from very distinctive perspectives. As a seasoned investigator, Don deals in hard facts and evidence whereas Charlie, a math professor at a California university, functions in a world of mathematical probability and equations.


Wed, Aug 6, 1|12c AM

SEASON 1, EPISODE 102 - When Don and his team attempt to catch a pair of repeat bank robbers in Los Angeles, Charlie devises an equation using probability and statistical analysis to pinpoint the location of their next robbery. Although his prediction for the next robbery is correct, his mathematical model turns out to be useless when the robbers true motives are revealed. His frustration growing, Charlies desire to continue to help the FBI falters when a stake-out goes bad, leaving one agent dead and his brother, Don, with a gunshot wound.


Wed, Aug 6, 2|1c AM

SEASON 1, EPISODE 103 - When people start mysteriously dying in Los Angeles, Don and his FBI team are called in by the Public Health Service to determine if it is an act of bio-terrorism. Using Charlie's knowledge of the mathematics of diseases, they attempt to track the virus not only to stop it, but to find the point of origin in order to determine who is responsible and why -- only to be surprised by the motive of the suspect. Meanwhile, Don is surprised to learn that Charlie has been keeping a secret from him.