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Episode 405, "Robin Hood" Tonight 1|12c AM

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Tonight 1|12c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 405 - bank for the rich and powerful is robbed but the stolen contents of the safety deposit boxes are being liquidated and donated to charities, and its up to Don and Charlie to uncover the true motivation behind the humanitarian thief.


Tonight 2|1c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 406 - Don feels responsible for the death of a participant in the Witness Protection Program after she is gunned down in her home. James Morrison ("24") Guest Stars As Commander Chris Frederickson.


Thu, Oct 23, 1|12c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 407 - Don and the team investigate the secret world of alternate reality games after a man plunges to his death while participating in one such game. Amita's life is in danger when her hidden gaming ability becomes the key to tracking down the killer. DJ Qualls ("Hustle and Flow") Guest Stars As Anthony Braxton.


Thu, Oct 23, 2|1c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 408 - When a mega-heiress is abducted by an extremist group looking to punish her industrialist father, Don and the team rush to find her captors, but their attempt to save her takes a startling turn when they to uncover the group's true motivation.