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Episode 108, "Identity Crisis" Tomorrow 9|8c AM

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Tomorrow 9|8c AM

SEASON 1, EPISODE 108 - When a recent murder bears a strong resemblance to a murder case he closed a year ago, Don questions whether he sent the wrong man to jail. As a favor to Don, Charlie examines the old case and finds flaws in the fingerprint and eyewitness systems that put their reliability into question.


Tomorrow 10|9c AM

SEASON 1, EPISODE 109 - Pressed for time to find the sniper, Don calls in a senior Sniper Instructor from Quantico (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) to assist on the case, causing Charlie to feel insecure about his role as special consultant to the FBI. Feeling animosity towards Agent Edgerton at first, Charlie learns from him that human behavior could make his mathematical equations useless. Instead Edgerton encourages Charlie to get inside the head of the killer.


Tomorrow 11|10c AM

SEASON 1, EPISODE 110 - Don and his team are called when it is discovered that a truck driver and his big rig carrying radioactive material have been hijacked and are now missing. They are pressed for time to find the truck when the hijackers threaten to detonate a dirty bomb in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles if they don't receive $20 million in 12 hours.


Tomorrow 12|11c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 111 - After an independent computer researcher with a contract with the Defense Department is found murdered, Don and his team are called in to find out who is responsible. After Don recruits Charlie to decode the murder victim's cryptic computer data, Charlie uncovers he was working on a secret and potentially damaging project, forcing Charlie to question the impact of his own life's work.