On the Next Flashpoint:
Episode 314, "The Other Lane"
Fri, May 29, 4|3c

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SEASON 3, EPISODE 301 - A series of bombs are set through the city. Against a ticking clock SRU has to find them, dismantle them and evacuate the premises. The bombs are set by eco-terrorists. Their intention is to scare the public into doing what they want but not hurt anyone. The final bomb is at a University. Louis goes in to dismantle the bomb under Spike's guidance, but as he gets closer to the bomb, he steps on a landmine. Our team works furiously to try to dismantle the land mine, but there is no way. In a terribly sad turn of events, after telling his parents that he loves them, Lou is forced to sacrifice his life for the team and the lives of the University students.

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