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Episode 314, "The Other Lane"
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SEASON 4, EPISODE 410 - An armed robbery exposes a motherís double life, while Ed gambles with his own safety and a promise he made his family. Addicted to playing the markets and gambling, a stock trader and her male friend Dan get into debt to Danís casino boss. Faced with meeting his deadline for payback of the loan, Robyn drains her family bank accounts, including her daughterís education trust fund. Drawn to the bank by a suspicious teller, the SRU, on Robynís mislead, subdue the wrong man, not the menacing Dan. All suspicion turns to Robynís out-of-work husband, who ends up being kidnapped with their daughter. Ed and Sam quarrel on procedure. But Ed dons civilian garb to find Robyn and Dan in the illegal casino before things get uglier. Dan confesses his love for the married Robyn, who sensed his ardor, but used it to her advantage.

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