On the Next Flashpoint:
Episode 314, "The Other Lane"
Fri, May 29, 4|3c

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SEASON 3, EPISODE 305 - A controversial talk show host seeks revenge on a politician whose career is taking off. The host invites the office-seeker onto his show as a guest, and slowly reveals that he believes the candidate committed a murder ten years ago. The politician denies any wrong doing, and is terrified when the talk show host pulls a gun on him, and holds him hostage. Listening to the program live in the van, the SRU snaps into action to rescue the politician, by tracking down the remote, pirate radio station that they are transmitting from, and talking the talk show host out of killing this man. In a sad twist, we find out that the young man that was killed ten years ago in the car crash was the long lost son of the grieving talk show host.

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