On the Next Flashpoint:
Episode 415, "Day Game"
Today 1|12c

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Today 1|12c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 415 - A former recruit, twice passed over by Parker, enables a burglary at a hockey stadium where he runs security. That Parker doesnt recognize him at first antagonizes the villain, whose wife and child have left him. On scaffolding high above the ice, he holds Parker hostage in order to win his attention and affirmation. Early in the story, Raf is humiliated and angered by Parker in drills. Later, the teams newest member realizes that the slightest miscue can put a teammate in jeopardy, as he witness how close Parker comes to death today.


Today 2|1c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 416 - When Sams sister Natalie is threatened by her drug-running ex-boyfriend, Natalie turns to Spike for help. Without telling Sam, Spike steps up to protect her and winds up in a trap that will force him to recover stolen heroin from a highly secure evidence depot. At the same time, he must square off against an even more dangerous foe: his own team. Putting the many losses (Lou, Oliver and his father), he has sustained recently, Spike deftly wins the confidence of the villains as he jams security frequencies, while simultaneously signaling the SRU where to rescue Natalie and himself.


Today 3|2c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 417 - Carelessly cooing in compromising radio conversations between one another, Sam & Jules are blithely unaware that Dr. Toth has been monitoring. The same day, Parker is suspended by Dr. Toth while Team One responds to a bio-terror call at a highly classified laboratory... where Jules and Sam are forced to make a harrowing Priority of Life decision: save a civilian, or Jules, from exposure to the bio-hazard virus. Sam chooses the civilian, but Jules emerges uninfected. Parker and Ed defend Jules and Sam. They maintain the priority choice Sam made today indicates they are the exception to the rule.


Today 4|3c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 418 - As Toth demands Parker's resignation, a serial arsonist wreaks havoc, sparking a career fireman's misguided campaign to mercy-kill his colleagues. Can Parker diffuse all these crises? Or will he surrender to pressures, and step down as SRU sergeant?