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Episode 304, "Custody"
Mon, May 11, 9|8c AM

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Mon, May 11, 9|8c AM

SEASON 3, EPISODE 304 - A brutal custody battle between an estranged husband and wife turns deadly when a woman kidnaps her two young children and makes a break for the border. In a tricky reveal in the teaser of the episode, we think that the husband has lost custody of the kids, and as he holds a lawyer at gunpoint, we learn that he actually won custody of the kids, but they have been taken by his ex wife. Her plan is to get them out of the country. She manages to lie to everyone, and nearly gets away with the kids, until SRU sweeps in and takes control.


Mon, May 11, 10|9c AM

SEASON 3, EPISODE 305 - A controversial talk show host seeks revenge on a politician whose career is taking off. The host invites the office-seeker onto his show as a guest, and slowly reveals that he believes the candidate committed a murder ten years ago. The politician denies any wrong doing, and is terrified when the talk show host pulls a gun on him, and holds him hostage. Listening to the program live in the van, the SRU snaps into action to rescue the politician, by tracking down the remote, pirate radio station that they are transmitting from, and talking the talk show host out of killing this man. In a sad twist, we find out that the young man that was killed ten years ago in the car crash was the long lost son of the grieving talk show host.


Mon, May 11, 11|10c AM

SEASON 3, EPISODE 306 - A prison inmate is up for parole for the third time, and for the third time the family of the man he murdered years ago shows up to make sure he will never get out. Shortly after the parole hearing, a riot breaks out in the high security prison. There is an internal gang war sparking the combustion, and the civilians are caught in the crossfire. A young woman and her very fragile mother are taken hostage by the very man that killed their loving father and husband. What they do not know is that he is really protecting them as part of tactical attempt to redeem himself.


Mon, May 11, 12|11c

SEASON 3, EPISODE 307 - One of the great landmarks of the city is about to be torn down and turned into condos. A sniper shooting takes place in the arena and the SRU is called in. It turns out that the shooter is an ex-military war veteran and is a trained marksman. Sam connects with the young veteran by talking to him about his own tour of duty in afghanistan, and what that does to any soldiers psyche. Everyone thinks Sam is making headway with the young man, but he tricks our group into believing he is giving himself up.