On the Next Flashpoint:
Episode 402, "Good Cop"
Tomorrow 9|8c AM

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Tomorrow 9|8c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 402 - When a cop who mistakenly shot and killed a young black student, is declared innocent, a deeply divided Team One must confront a rioting crowd, a trained bloc of anarchists, and a father whose dreams died the night he lost his son. Crumbling to the pressure of riots and the media, the controversial cops wife leaves him. The angry father lures the cop to the scene of his sons murder, and at gunpoint, the cop reveals what really happened the night of the boys death. Jules goes under cover, and is arrested in the riot.


Tomorrow 10|9c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 403 - Team One goes up against a notorious serial robber with a huge following of social network Fans. They soon discover theres more to this dangerous mans mission than meets the eye. Clues indicate he seems to be avenging sordid parental abuse on a teenage daughter, with whom Jamie is conducting an internet romance. But a dangerous confrontation occurs when Jamie learns the man only has a son, no daughter.


Tomorrow 11|10c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 404 - A car-jacking and high speed chase leads SRU to a bizarre abduction, a broken family, and a deadly standoff. When kidnappers abduct a daughter, leads suggest involvement from an estranged grandmother, visiting from Florida. Then the mother is abducted. Under scrutiny, the generational relationship breach was caused by an employee of the grandmother, who nefariously intercepted correspondence, then committed the kidnappings to extort the grandmothers wealth.


Tomorrow 12|11c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 405 - A city-wide drug bust and secrets that could compromise the call one ends Wordys stint on Team One. Ed breaks into Wordys locker and finds Parkinson's medication. Parker surprises Ed by admitting Wordy had confided his ailment in him. A debate ensues about secrets, which extends to Jules and Sam, and later to Det, Sgt. Warren Naismith. Latters secret is he has a thing for a drug pins girlfriend. Thinking hes her better man, Naismith puts Team One in a compromised position during a shoot out.