On the Next Flashpoint:
Episode 211, "Perfect Storm"
Mon, Feb 2, 9|8c AM

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Mon, Feb 2, 9|8c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 211 - A school shooting brings our team into a volatile situation where a young man was taunted and horribly bullied. He shows up on campus with his deadbeat dads gun to exact some justice. He is basically an innocent kid with no support at home. Parker and the team talk him off the ledge.


Mon, Feb 2, 10|9c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 212 - A young, very much in love couple, goes on a crime spree for no apparent reason. At first our team thinks that there is a drug tie in -- but they soon learn that the young woman is dying of a horrible brain disease that will take her life in a matter of days. Her fianc has promised her one last perfect night together capped with an humane, lethal injection of morphine. What she does not know is that her fianc is planning on killing himself as well. They end up at the Old Mill, where they are to have their last dance.


Mon, Feb 2, 11|10c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 213 - When a young gang member is shot - his older brother, who had left gang life, sneaks him into the hospital where he works to try to patch him up. The rival gangbangers follow the siblings to the hospital, where a shoot-out ensues. SRU is called into diffuse the situation. They stealthily take over the hospital, and rescue the young shooting victim. Ironically, convinced he had to take out the rival gang members to protect his sibling, the reformed older brother, is taken out by Team One.


Mon, Feb 2, 12|11c

SEASON 3, EPISODE 301 - A series of bombs are set through the city. Against a ticking clock SRU has to find them, dismantle them and evacuate the premises. The bombs are set by eco-terrorists. Their intention is to scare the public into doing what they want but not hurt anyone. The final bomb is at a University. Louis goes in to dismantle the bomb under Spike's guidance, but as he gets closer to the bomb, he steps on a landmine. Our team works furiously to try to dismantle the land mine, but there is no way. In a terribly sad turn of events, after telling his parents that he loves them, Lou is forced to sacrifice his life for the team and the lives of the University students.