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Tomorrow 1|12c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 710 - After two men are found bludgeoned to death in an alley, the team flies to Philadelphia in search of a particularly brutal UnSub. Triggered by the imminent death of his terminally ill child, the killer an amateur boxer with a history of losing has been enveloped by an all-encompassing blood lust. As the window between kills starts to shrink, the BAU begins to run out of time.


Tomorrow 2|1c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 711 - When a couple is murdered in Golden Gate Park, the initial investigation suggests that the Zodiac killer is back. As the team investigates the possibility that the most famous uncaught serial killer of all time has returned after forty years, Reid works to decipher a series of clues and codes left by the UnSub. Through investigation and profiling, the team learns that they are dealing with a genius-level psychopath and unlike in the original Zodiac case, this killer is working fast.


Tomorrow 3|2c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 712 - The BAU team investigates a serial rapist known as The Piano Man who roofies his victims before violating them and leaving permanent scars with piano wire. After a few months lying dormant, the UnSub has begun to strike again this time re-assaulting all of his previous targets a second time. As the team builds a profile and tracks the UnSubs escalation, one of the victims takes matters into her own hands and captures the man she believes to be her rapist with the intent to end his life.


Tomorrow 4|3c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 713 - When an Atlantic City casino boss turns up dead with a ring of eight dollar bills around his head, the BAU is called in to investigate the ritualistic killing. The UnSub theyre chasing is a compulsive gambler who has stumbled upon a unique system: he believes that if his luck sours, he can kill someone in order to turn his fortunes around. And with bad luck all too common in the casinos of Atlantic City, its a race against the clock for the BAU to find their man before he kills again.



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