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Tomorrow 9|8c AM

SEASON 7, EPISODE 712 - The BAU team investigates a serial rapist known as The Piano Man who roofies his victims before violating them and leaving permanent scars with piano wire. After a few months lying dormant, the UnSub has begun to strike again this time re-assaulting all of his previous targets a second time. As the team builds a profile and tracks the UnSubs escalation, one of the victims takes matters into her own hands and captures the man she believes to be her rapist with the intent to end his life.


Tomorrow 10|9c AM

SEASON 7, EPISODE 713 - When an Atlantic City casino boss turns up dead with a ring of eight dollar bills around his head, the BAU is called in to investigate the ritualistic killing. The UnSub theyre chasing is a compulsive gambler who has stumbled upon a unique system: he believes that if his luck sours, he can kill someone in order to turn his fortunes around. And with bad luck all too common in the casinos of Atlantic City, its a race against the clock for the BAU to find their man before he kills again.


Tomorrow 11|10c AM

SEASON 7, EPISODE 714 - On the beaches of Southern California, the BAU team discovers a series of bodies hidden in lifeguard towers with their genitals removed. After identifying the victims, a common link is found between them theyve all had a romantic relationship end recently due to infidelity. As the killers pace increases, the team learns that the UnSub is a bartender suffering from a psychotic break. Unable to deal with the betrayal of his own wife, he has decided to help his victims put their own problems permanently behind them.


Tomorrow 12|11c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 715 - A formerly affluent suburban community in Californias inland empire is hit hard by a series of brutal home invasions and murders. At first, it appears as if the killings are gang related the bodies of young black men with drugs in their system are found dead in the houses of the murdered families. But the BAU soon comes to the realization that these scenes are elaborately staged - someone is trying to incite a race war. With the local mayoral race heating up, the teams first lead is to look at the staff of a candidate who is using the killings to successfully push a campaign of racism and fear.