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SEASON 3, EPISODE 306 - A recent gang shooting reconnects Rush to her first homicide case. The latest victim is the brother of the first murder victim whose case Rush worked. The mother of the victims, Maeve (April Grace - "constantine"), has lost four out of five sons to gang violence, and Rush is determined to stop the cycle and save Patrick (Andre Jamal Kinney, present; CJ Sanders, 9-year-old - "Ray," "Six Feet Under"), Maeve's youngest. If members of the team can solve the most recent murder, they will likely solve all four murders. After careful investigation, they conclude that gang leader Miguel Maldonado (Luis garcia) is responsible for the killings; however, they must figure out the motive and make their case against him even though no one will testify, out of fear. Rush and the team compromise and dangle the hope of a "regime change" to Jesus Maldonado (Rigo Sanchez) in order to get him to testify against his cousin, Miguel, for the murder.

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