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SEASON 6, EPISODE 619 - The team investigates the 1958 murder case of a newlywed Ivy League graduate, Julian Bellowes (guest star Johnathon Schaech - "That Thing You Do!"), who spearheaded the lucrative concept of developing suburban communities with affordable housing outside of Philadelphia. New evidence indicates he may not have been killed where his body was found. Guest stars Constance Towers ("General Hospital," "A Perfect Murder") appears as Caroline Kemp/Bellowes, the victim's wife; Ken Howard ("The White Shadow," "Crossing Jordan") appears as Harry Kemp Jr., the victim's affluent boss and father-in-law; and Hattie Winston ("Becker," "The Electric Company") appears as Regina Reynolds, a woman with a long-kept secret connection to the victim. Plus, Lilly makes time to dine with her father (recurring guest star Raymond J. Barry).

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