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Episode 220, "Kensington" Tonight 6|5c
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Tonight 6|5c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 220 - The 1985 murder case of a young mill worker is reopened when Rush learns that a recent parolee admitted to stealing money off the victim's body. Rush and the team discover that the victim, Joe Young (Bradley Stryker), worked at the Kensington Mill before it closed. The mill's demise created a tough financial situation for Joe and the many other workers, ruining lives as well as friendships. The investigation soon leads to Joe's former best friends who did not share his optimism that they would all find other jobs.


Tonight 7|6c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 221 - The unsolved 1977 case involving the death of Philadelphia doorman Mike Cahill (Zack Graham) is reopened when Rush and Valens try to link his murder to a serial killer about to be released from prison due to a legal technicality. The detectives uncover the unusual relationship between Mike and the serial killer, Roy Anthony (Barry Bostwick as present-day character - "Spin City," "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"). Mike worked at an upscale apartment building and was oddly close with one of the married residents, and Roy was a severely troubled teen with an abusive father. Eventually, Rush and Valens discover that Mike's girlfriend at the time of the murder also worked with Roy at a local diner and that a midnight screening of the film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was the event that brought the trio together.


Tonight 8|7c

SEASON 3, EPISODE 310 - Rush and Valens reopen the 2001 case involving a well-liked local deli owner, Frank Dicenzio (James Distefano, who was apparently beaten to death by his employee. Valens is contacted by the brother of a convicted murderer and is persuaded to reopen the case that left a local neighborhood shocked. Everyone loved Frank, and no one could imagine someone taking his life. All of the evidence points to Frank's top employee--until someone finally tells the true story.


Tonight 9|8c

SEASON 3, EPISODE 311 - Nine songs by rock superstar Bruce Springsteen are featured throughout this episode. In 1980, four high school friends went off to pursue their futures, but nothing ended up as planned, and one was murdered in 1988. Now, Rush and Valens get a tip about the murder that reveals how these friends' hopes and dreams unraveled as they faced the harsh realities of life.