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Episode 702, "Hoodrats" Wed, Jan 28, 6|5c

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Wed, Jan 28, 6|5c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 702 - The team investigates the 1995 murder of a runaway teen who left his dysfunctional home for the streets, where he quickly became known for his astounding skateboarding skills. Guest star Kevin Chapman ("Brotherhood," "Rescue Me") appears as Joe Mueller, a police officer who recalls the victim -- and the citation he gave the teen for skateboarding on city property.


Wed, Jan 28, 7|6c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 703 - The team reopens the 2004 case of a teen who was wrongly sent to a juvenile detention center where he was killed before Valens could keep his promise to get the teen released. Guest stars Steven Culp (JAG, Desperate Housewives), Adina Porter (True Blood) and Cress Williams (Prison Break, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Close to Home) appear as Evan Price, Laticia Myers and Jimmy Clarke, respectively, all employees of the facility where the victim was killed. Meanwhile, Lilly reconnects with her former love, narcotics cop Eddie Saccardo (recurring guest star Bobby Cannavale - Will & Grace, Third Watch).


Wed, Jan 28, 8|7c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 704 - The team reopens the 1970 murder case of a 20-year-old musician, Billy (Wesley Jonathan - What I Like About You), who was secretly instrumental in creating the popular Philadelphia soul sound. Billy tried to keep his involvement with the soul scene a secret from his strict preacher father for whom he was an organist. Guest star Loretta Devine (Grey's Anatomy, Boston Public) appears as Chandra Patterson, a choir girlfriend of Billy, and guest star Anna Maria Horsford (The Shield. The Wayans Bros.) appears as Geraldine Watkins, the owner of an after-hours Jazz club. Jamie Hector (The Wire, Heroes) and Steven Williams (The X Files, 21 Jump Street) also guest star as, respectively, the 1970 and 2009 incarnations of Ronde Brooks, a record label founder. Meanwhile, Lilly meets her teenaged stepbrother, Finn (guest star Brett Davern - Player 5150).


Wed, Jan 28, 9|8c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 705 - The team investigates the 1944 murder of the top pilot from the WASP program, a pioneering group of civilian women who volunteered to fly non-combat missions for the U.S. Army Air Force during WWII. Also, Lilly becomes fixated on her nemesis, Moe Kitchener (recurring guest star Daniel Baldwin), who is out on bail awaiting his trial for running Lilly's car off the road.