On the Next Cold Case:
Episode 206, "The Sleepover" Sun, Nov 2, 11|10c

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Sun, Nov 2, 11|10c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 206 - When a young woman is found strangled and dumped in a local swimming hole, Rush and the detectives realize that this new crime mirrors the unsolved murder of a 12-year-old girl who was killed in 1989 during a sleepover at the home of troubled teenager, Brandi (Carly Schroeder). Brandi's brother is arrested for the present killing, and his confession leads the detectives to reopen the old case. Emilio Estevez directed the episode.


Mon, Nov 3, 12|11c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 207 - A man who first contracted AIDS in 1983 asks Rush and Valens to reopen the unsolved strangulation death of his former life partner. When the detectives investigate the murder, they learn that the dead man was one of the early activists in the fight against AIDS and a relentless advocate for education about the disease in the burgeoning gay community. The team also discovers that the victim was a member of a prominent family that disowned him because of his sexual orientation.


Mon, Nov 3, 1|12c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 208 - The Communist Witch Hunts of the 1950s come back to haunt its survivors when Rush and the team reopen an unsolved murder. Orson Bean, who was blacklisted in real life by Hollywood in the 1950s, guest stars as Harlan Sealey, a suspected Communist sympathizer.


Mon, Nov 3, 2|1c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 209 - The body of a woman who has been missing since 1985 is discovered in a wildlife preserve. The victim was shot through the heart. The detectives interview her daughter, who was 12 years old when the woman went missing. The daughter's abusive father is also dead, but the team believes he could have been responsible for the murder--until eight more bodies are found in the preserve. The detectives theorize that the murderer abducts his victims, takes them to the preserve then makes them run for their lives while he hunts them. But once the hunter is found, will the detectives be able to make an arrest? Recurring guest star Nicki Aycox appears as Rush's sister, Christina.