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Episode 222, "Best Friends" Fri, Apr 3, 1|12c

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Fri, Apr 3, 1|12c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 222 - When an old truck containing human bones is pulled from the Delaware River, Rush and Valens reopen a 1932 missing persons case. The detectives link the truck and its contents to a former prohibition era bootlegger and learn that the bones may belong to his sister, Rose (Samantha StreetS as 1932 character and Golden Globe Award winneR Piper Laurie - "Twin Peaks," "Carrie" as present-day character), who unexpectedly went missing with the truck. Rush discovers that Rose befriended Billie (Tessa Thompson as 1932 character), a black girl who dressed and behaved like a man. When forensic testing confirms the bones are not Rose's, Valens tracks Rose down and learns of her controversial relationship with Billie, which alienated several people, including Billie's ex-lover, Georgie (Lakeiya Payne as 1932 character and Marla Gibbs - "The Jeffersons" as present-day character), who always believed that Rose and Billie were more than friends.


Fri, Apr 3, 2|1c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 223 - Rush and Valens investigate the discovery of nine human skulls buried in a residential backyard. The house has remained vacant since 1972, when 33-year-old Simone Marks (Karina Logue), who was later murdered, shared the home with her 12-year-old boy, George (Nick Price "Because of Winn-Dixie" as 1972 character and John Billingsley - "Enterprise" as present-day character). Since Simone's murder was never solved, Rush and Valens reopen the homicide. Months ago, Rush and the detectives worked on a case where nine headless human remains were uncovered in a wildlife preserve (#177759 "Mind Hunters"), and their investigation led them to the grown-up George Marks. Though convinced that George was a serial killer, the detectives were unable to arrest him due to lack of evidence. Now, George emerges from hiding to challenge Rush again. This time, their lives are at stake in a final showdown.


Fri, Apr 3, 3|2c

SEASON 3, EPISODE 301 - When Claire (Brooke anne smith), a 17-year-old foster child, tells Rush that a man claiming to be her father contacted her, the team reopens the murder of Jimmy Tate (Chuck Hittinger), a teenager who was run over by a car on the night Claire was born. Rush and Valens question Claire's mother, Quinn Ellis (Nathalie Nicole Paulding, 1988; Amy van horne, present), Jimmy's former girlfriend, who gave birth the night she and Jimmy graduated from high school. Quinn dearly loved Jimmy--who she claims was the baby's father--but he terminated their relationship before the baby was born. However, the investigators quickly discover that Quinn's claims may not be true.


Fri, Apr 3, 4|3c

SEASON 3, EPISODE 302 - Rush discovers a photo of Laurie (Lindsay Hollister), a reclusive, overweight college freshman, who died in a fraternity house fire. The picture, e-mailed from Laurie's cell phone just before she died, shows the young woman being held down and forced to drink alcohol. Although her death was ruled an "accident," the haunting image inspires Rush to reopen the case. On the night she died, Laurie attended a party at the frat house where her best friend was pledging. The party was led by a fraternity leader who loved to humiliate overweight female students to entertain members. Rush is able to identify one of the people in the photo, and the team searches for the only person who might have witnessed Laurie's death.