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Episode 217, "Schadenfreude" Wed, Sep 3, 6|5c

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Wed, Sep 3, 6|5c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 217 - The recent death of a female heroin addict prompts Rush and the team to reopen the supposedly solved 1982 murder case of Lindsay Chase (Andrea Savage), the addict's former co-worker. Lindsay's husband, Dr. Stephen Chase (Michael Hagerty as 1982 character and Michael Bryan French as present-day character), was convicted of her murder and has spent the last 23 years in prison, insisting he's innocent. When the detectives discover that Lindsay was involved with manufacturing illegal drugs--something her husband didn't even know about--the list of suspects grows. Linda Purl guest stars as Diane Moore.


Wed, Sep 3, 7|6c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 218 - Vera's high school sweetheart asks the team to reopen the case of the death of her older sister. Ruled as an accident in the late 1990s, the woman's death was forgotten until a man recounts seeing her that fateful night. He believes his fraternity brothers manhandled her. Instead, the detectives learn that her downward spiral into alcoholism had left the young lady compromised. On that night, she lost her family, her self-respect and, finally, her life.


Wed, Sep 3, 8|7c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 219 - Rush and the squad reopen the cold case that motivated Jeffries to become a cop. A young black teenager was left beaten to death in a rough neighborhood park in the early 1960s. Through the investigation, the squad learns that the victim's death may be race related and that his clandestine friendship with an older white woman may have led to his demise.


Wed, Sep 3, 9|8c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 220 - The 1985 murder case of a young mill worker is reopened when Rush learns that a recent parolee admitted to stealing money off the victim's body. Rush and the team discover that the victim, Joe Young (Bradley Stryker), worked at the Kensington Mill before it closed. The mill's demise created a tough financial situation for Joe and the many other workers, ruining lives as well as friendships. The investigation soon leads to Joe's former best friends who did not share his optimism that they would all find other jobs.