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Episode 403, "Sandhogs" Wed, Dec 3, 4|3c

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Wed, Dec 3, 4|3c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 403 - When the skeletal remains of a man found in a subway tunnel are identified as a miner who disappeared in 1947, Rush and Valens believe that he may have been murdered. In 1947, the rumor mill was abuzz with rumors about why the man went missing. Maybe it was because of his attempt to unionize his fellow miners or because of his scandalous, public love affair. There was a long list of suspects, including the owner of the mining company, who wanted to stop the impending strike, and a fellow miner who wanted nothing to do with fighting for anyone's rights. Meanwhile, Rush's boyfriend, Joseph (recurring guest star Kenneth Johnson), tells Rush that he loves her.


Wed, Dec 3, 5|4c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 404 - Charged with the emotional task of finding an infant's killer, Rush reopens a 1982 case involving a female baby who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome under suspicious circumstances. She starts her investigation with the only people who were with the baby on the morning of her death: the parents. First, Rush persuades the father to admit to not wanting the child, his second. Then, the mother confesses that she felt overstressed with the demands of a new baby, along with being a working mother. Their older child, who was only 6 years old at the time of his sister's death, hardly remembers what happened that night but somehow believes that he had something to do with it. Meanwhile, Ray (recurring guest star Brennan Elliott) enters Rush's life again.


Wed, Dec 3, 6|5c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 405 - Rush mixes pleasure with business when her boyfriend, Joseph (recurring guest star Kenneth Johnson), asks her to reopen a 2003 case involving an autistic boy named Brent Harding (Cole Peterson) who witnessed his parents' murder. Brent's photographic memory and his inability to lie lead Rush to a series of clues and suspects, including Brent's sister, who lied about where her brother was on the night of the murders, a bully at school and a corrupt school administrator. Now, Rush and the team must decipher which facts are real and which could possibly be figments of Brent's imagination.


Wed, Dec 3, 7|6c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 406 - When the 1958 suicide of a celebrated Philadelphia disc jockey is discovered to have actually been a murder, Rush and the team must find the truth of this public persona's private life by decoding a message hidden in his final broadcast. The list of suspects includes the DJ's ex-wife, who inherited his estate, a young musician who was starved for his attention and a man who believed that the DJ got his young daughter pregnant. Meanwhile, Scotty again attempts to reach out to his estranged older brother, Mike (recurring guest star Nestor Carbonell).